Apple Watch Plating Service Samsung Gear S3 Plating Service

Smart Watch Gold Plating Service

De Billas polishes and gold-plates your own Apple Watch or Samsung Gear Classic watch with 2 coats of 24K Gold.  


Silver-Colored Stainless steel versions only.

     1.- Please Click on your chosen plating service, and purchase your order.

     2.- Unpair your watch from your phone's smartwatch app.

     3.- Carefully wrap your Smartwatch, include your order number inside the               package, and send it to:

10645 N Oracle Rd, Ste 121-108,

Oro Valley AZ, 85737

Once you send it, please let us know the tracking number to monitor the package.


We will send it back, gold plated two days (or less) after we receive it.

Please contact us for questions.

Metallic bands are not included. Please contact us for a quote.

Gold Plating Service - With no Insurance


Gold Plating Service - INSURED

Guaranteed Quality
Every Smart watch we sell has two coats of 24 Karat Gold. We offer a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY against gold fading, dulling or flaking*, additional coverage HERE
More than 25 Years of experience back us. Thank you for choosing us!