Iphone X Silver, Unlocked (Worldwide), 24k Gold plated with a high degree of thickness. Our process is 100% Nickel free. Please read our externally managed reviews at BBB or at this website, no other competitor is close to our quality.


The phone is purchased from Apple shortly after placing your order, gold plated and shipped via priority mail as soon as possible (usually arrives within the same week).


Gold plating of this phone may last for months or years depending on care. If you need to re-plate it in the future, we charge a flat fee of $150.


In some cases Apple has decided not to service phones while gold plated. If you need to remove the plating, it can be easily done with an abrasive polishing cloth.


Please contact us if you have questions, we answer really fast.


We are not affiliated with Apple. 

Iphone Xs MAX, Unlocked, 512GB, 24K Gold Plated

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