Original Samsung Gear S3 Watch stainless steel (NEWEST MODEL, Iphone Compatible) customized and professionally gold plated by De Billas with an industrial grade of authentic 24 Karat Gold.*We DOUBLE plate all of our items with a high thickness and industrial grade of genuine 24K Gold. The immersion process utilized deposits a beautiful layer of real 24K Gold. We do not apply nickel to our gold plated items.PACKAGEThe package will contain the following items...- Authentic Newest Model Samsung S3 Watch (24K Gold Plated)- Rolex Lizard Band- OEM Charger- Original or custom box as desired- If required, we can gift wrap the package and add a message- Rolex watch face is not included.
The buckle was purchased from a third party, we do not claim or guarantee its authenticity.

Gear S3 Classic With Rolex Lizard Band

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