Original 38MM Apple Watch Gen 1 stainless steel customized and professionally gold plated by De Billas with an industrial grade of authentic 24 Karat Gold.

*We DOUBLE plate all of our items with a high thickness and industrial grade of genuine 24K Gold. The immersion process utilized deposits a beautiful layer of real 24K Gold. We do not apply nickel to our gold plated items.

Water resistant watch!

This Apple Watch is equipped with sapphire glass which makes the screen almost scratch less.

The OEM Apple stainless steel charger will be gold plated at no additional cost.


The package will contain the following items...

- 38MM Apple Watch 24K Gold Plated with Custom Brown Double Tour Band

- 24K Gold Plated OEM Apple Charger

- Original packaging or custom box


- We can add a custom box if desired

- If required, we can gift wrap the package and add a custom message

- The Charger is available with 24K Gold

24k, 38mm Apple​ Watch​ Double Tour Leather Band