About De Billas

De Billas master gold plating experts with 25 years of experience, started in a small jewelry shop in 1992.

Thanks to your positive recommendations and great reviews, we are now a fast growing business with sales all around the globe.

Each process includes careful polishing of the pieces and the highest quality gold to ensure long lasting adherence to the base


We strive to the best customer experience and your total satisfaction. We can confidently assure you that no other place can

meet our gold plating quality standards. The best compliment we can get is your recommendation.

About our Products and Services

Smart Watch Gold Plating

We customize Apple watches and other luxury Smart Watches by Gold-Plating them with

two thick layers of pure 24K Gold.

We do not use nickel in our gold plating processes, we are sure our gold plating quality 

will make you happy and will outlast the life of your smart watch. Please check our 100%

positive feedback.

De Billas and De Billas Lux are not in any way affiliated with Apple, Samsung or with any other smart watch we may customize.


You may also send your own watch to De Billas for polishing and gold plating. We do "diamond polishing" too, please Check our service tab. 


Shipping may be expedited for most countries for no additional cost. If your country has particular customs taxes, just let us know beforehand and we’ll even pay those taxes (applies to most countries). Please choose the type of gold you wish at checkout, We plate with rose gold or yellow gold.

How about gold plating your other valuables? Silverware, your glasses, or even your beloved gun? Please contact us for a quote. Payments to De Billas are secure with the most updated SSL certificate through Square, our credit card processor, we also use the secure platform of PayPal. Our gold plating warranty is for five years, please shop with confidence.

Guaranteed Quality
Every Smart watch we sell has two coats of 24 Karat Gold. We offer a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY against gold fading, dulling or flaking*, additional coverage HERE
More than 25 Years of experience back us. Thank you for choosing us!